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Bluefish444 Video Over IP Workflows

Bluefish444 have been a market leader in bridging the gap between SDI and Video Over IP. Ingest SDI sources up to 4K 60p for conversion to Video Over IP protocols, or playout SDI up to 4K 60p from existing IP production networks.

Bluefish444 video cards are the perfect companion for Video Over IP solutions that require an SDI I/O interface. 4K/UHD SDI, Multi-channel 3G/1.5G SDI I/O, SD-SDI I/O, independent video modes per-channel, world-class reliability, broadcast fail-safes, multi-card support and extremely low-latency are key features of Bluefish444 products.

All Bluefish444 video cards offer I/O options for AES/EBU audio I/O, analogue audio output, LTC I/O and RS-422 machine control.

Bluefish444 hardware is compatible with the following video over IP software. Click on a graphic to learn more about Bluefish444 integration:

Bluefish444 SDK
Bluefish444 IngeSTore
Libero Systems
Ross Video
Telestream Wirecast
Unreal Streaming Technologies

Bluefish444 has direct OEM integration with:


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