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Bluefish444 Compatible with Windows and Thunderbolt

Release your video productions from the technical and physical limitations of standard broadcast infrastructures. Easily transition to Video Over IP using the groundbreaking NDI (Network Device Interface) protocol along with Bluefish444 video cards, with ready-to-use tools and applications from NewTek.

Produce your shows in a completely new way—with video from all over your network, not just what’s patched into your SDI video router. NewTek NDI is an open standard anyone can implement to connect with any video equipment on your network. Your production switcher, Bluefish444 capture system, media server—any NDI-enabled device on the network—can see and access content from all other devices, allowing more sources than ever before to be used for live production.

Forget about investing in completely new facilities, networks, or signal infrastructures. NewTek NDI is built on a sophisticated foundation that can send and receive vast amounts of information using a familiar standard: the ethernet LAN. With NDI’s unprecedented encoding efficiency and performance, standard networks can quickly send and efficiently accommodate multiple simultaneous, high-quality, ultra-low latency video streams.

Your production environment can make the transition to the future while protecting your current investments. With a workflow that's already compatible with SDI equipment and independent of changing specifications and formats, NDI will also support integration into SMPTE 2022 and other emerging standards. As a free SDK, NewTek NDI is readily available to developers and video producers who want to make any of their computer-based production devices IP-ready—and it supports more than 100,000 devices currently in use today.

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